Floppy Fish Toy Wiggle Moving Fish Catnip Toy, Interactive Cat Exercise Toy 30cm

Floppy Fish Toy Wiggle Moving Fish Catnip Toy, Interactive Cat Exercise Toy 30cm

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Floppy Fish Toy Wiggle Moving Fish Catnip Toy, Interactive Cat Exercise Toy 30cm

Product Description:

Real-looking wagging fish cat exercise toy is a crowd pleaser for cats.2020 Upgraded USB rechargeable cat toy, provides about 4 hours of playing time after charge full.We have reduced the noise it makes while moving. The improved motion sensor is reliable and has a built-in standby mode, need to tap it or touch it to get it to start moving,This saves electricity and can extend the playing time of the cat.Stuffed with catnip that can make your cats excited and relieve your cat's mood and stress, perfect choice for pets owners.
Distracts pets from chewing, scratching and destructing furniture.The cat teaser toy set is funny gift for family or your friend who likes cat, you can enjoy the time with your cat in such a fun way.

  • Interactive cat toys: When your cat touches the fish cat toy,it starts flopping that like a live fish. Your cats will bat it around, pounces grabs it, and does the "death/bunny" kick just like she would with actual prey.
  • Rechargeable with USB: You no longer have to worry about wasting batteries. The USB recharging is excellent. It charges easily through any micro-USB charger. If not touched the floppy fish cat toy in a while, the catfish toy will shut off until it's touched again. Cool & battery-saving, too!

  • Free catnip and bell: There is a small bag of catnip in the belly of each fish. Catnip fish toys have a strong scent, which will make your cats more excited and happy and help them relieve stress. We also have two bells that you can tuck into the fish belly or use with other funny cat toys.
  • High-quality fabric and removable design: The cat kicker toy is made of soft material and short plush, Soft and comfortable, non-toxic, and safe. Perfect for biting, chewing, and kicking. Removable and rechargeable charging motor, you can easily clean plush cat toys.
  • How to make cat love it: It is especially important for timid and sensitive cats and kittens that we suggest that in the early stage, catfish toy be turned off, which can effectively prevent cats from being frightened by the catfish toy's sudden jump. After it sinks into the fun of the new floppy fish cat toy, you can try switching to the fish toy's wagging mode, unlock more fun for your cat.

    • Item Type: Pet Toy
    • Material: Cotton + Plush + Catnip  
    • Battery: 250mAh
    • Fish Size: 30cm/12inch
    Package Included:
    •  Cat Wagging Fish Plush Toy
    •  USB cable
    •  Catnip